How to Monitor Your Telecommuting Employees

Jan 06, 16 How to Monitor Your Telecommuting Employees

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These days, it’s practical to let some people work off-site as telecommuters. They remain part of your organization (not freelancers or contractors), but they don’t work within your office. To keep telecommuters accountable and to measure their productivity, you’ll need a way to monitor their work. Set Clear...

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AMD Carrizo | Higher efficiency for notebooks

Feb 26, 15 AMD Carrizo | Higher efficiency for notebooks

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It was in January when the company AMD announced it would release a new processor designed for laptops, especially for those which need to improve their battery performance. The current generation of processors is called Kavari and it already had a good performance at energy level, so it is expected in Carrizo, its successor, to...

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The Five Risks of Outsourcing – How to Manage Them Effectively

Dec 16, 14 The Five Risks of Outsourcing – How to Manage Them Effectively

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Outsourcing presents a couple of risks just like any other business undertaking. Now these risks shouldn’t deter you from using outsourcing, especially if your business calls for it. What you can do is understand these risks and learn how to manage them effectively so that you’ll enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. Risk of Poor...

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Elegant Piper security system

Aug 27, 13 Elegant Piper security system

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Piper is the design of a security system equipped with a webcam designed specifically for the home that does not look bad with sensors that for once did not have the air of being out of a clearance sale of 90s electronics. Developed by the Canadian BlackSumac, the system is on the hunt for funds which lately seem to have a lot of...

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Steve Jobs School | Always and only with the new iPad Mini

It is called Steve Jobs School and represents a great novelty in Dutch schools. Many of you are aware of the fact that some schools are using the iPad instead of the traditional exercise books and records have been almost completely replaced. Well, what happened in the Netherlands is even more innovative. The Steve Jobs School...

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Apple replaces the battery chargers of third parties

The new move of Cupertino is now to offer to replace the third party battery charger that is potentially harmful with the original Apple models at a lower cost than the sales. Safety first The reasons are given by the greater reliability of the components developed directly for that type of devices with a bill such as to ensure the...

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