Elegant Piper security system

Piper is the design of a security system equipped with a webcam designed specifically for the home that does not look bad with sensors that for once did not have the air of being out of a clearance sale of 90s electronics. Developed by the Canadian BlackSumac, the system is on the hunt for funds which lately seem to have a lot of crowdfunding in which to hunt the last gadgets out from the pack. The set of features that Piper promises is quite interesting for anyone who is afraid to leave his house all alone to go on vacation. It is considered one of the best smart home technologies regarding security.

Beautiful and very attentive to your safety

The sensor of the Piper is surmounted by a fish eye lens, is about a foot high and supports the standard Z-Wave to equip them with feedback from external sensors. The product comes complete with an app for iOS and Android that can be exploited in order to create a set of rules, no longer linked to the system programming done by a technician but dictated by your specific wishes. In fact you can create the setting for when you’re on vacation, at work or even when you are at home, for example if you live in a secluded villa that makes you fear the break ins.

Piper Security System

Piper Security System

It is worthy to point out that the Piper will never be a professional system which has much higher costs justified by the level of security granted. At the time of writing, the less expensive kits that you can book cost $ 200, much less than a real alarm system. If you have an apartment for rent or are somewhere, maybe this is more than enough to make you sleep safer and not kill your wallet or make you mad behind complicated systems.