The original Lisa Mouse of Steve Jobs was discovered

Feb 17, 14 The original Lisa Mouse of Steve Jobs was discovered

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Buried in custody in Aspen and lost since then, the 4 meter time tube capsule contained, among others, the original mouse from the computer Lisa of Jobs. Today, thanks to the American TV show Diggers, the well buried secrets of a time tube came to light, with the famous mouse to see again the day after 30 years stay in the dark. It...

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Steve Jobs School | Always and only with the new iPad Mini

It is called Steve Jobs School and represents a great novelty in Dutch schools. Many of you are aware of the fact that some schools are using the iPad instead of the traditional exercise books and records have been almost completely replaced. Well, what happened in the Netherlands is even more innovative. The Steve Jobs School...

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Steve Jobs, the Timeline

Aug 26, 12 Steve Jobs, the Timeline

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The tech infographic below displays the timeline of Steve Job’s work in a colorful slimline.  

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