Cheap and up-to-date personalized gadgets: the handle covers for the shopping trolley

Since last March, on the other hand, it seems that going out to buy basic necessities is a salvation to get some air and get distracted, given the limitations to which we are all obliged. So we leave home armed with a mask, hand sanitizer and, sometimes, disposable gloves. We pay attention to interpersonal distance, we respect all...

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iPhone SE: Apple’s unboxing video is “minimalist”

As per tradition, now that the new iPhone SE is available, the catchphrase of the unpacking videos will start very soon, a ritual that we cannot and do not want to escape. This time, however, Apple wanted to burn everyone on time, and launch their own version of unboxing. And it’s super minimalist. What you see at the top of...

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Apple Watch Series 5 on offer on Amazon with 100 euro discount

Apr 28, 20 Apple Watch Series 5 on offer on Amazon with 100 euro discount

Posted by in Gadgets

If you are considering the purchase of a latest generation Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 5, launched on the market last September together with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, here is the opportunity that is certainly for you. Amazon has significantly discounted, as never before, the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular version...

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New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: review of the keyboard with trackpad

The new Magic Keyboard with trackpad for iPad Pro is a leap forward in terms of usability and robustness. But it is expensive, and it is also quite heavy. Don’t just call it “iPad keyboard.” The whole concept has been revised from scratch to make the user experience unique – and truly profitable –...

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macOS 10.15.5: manage Battery Health

Apr 17, 20 macOS 10.15.5: manage Battery Health

Posted by in Laptops

In the beta of macOS 10.15.5, the next update of macOS, Apple has introduced a feature to manage the health of the battery that will allow you to extend its life thanks to artificial intelligence. The idea is to analyze a user’s use cycles, and to automatically optimize the autonomy of the computer by limiting the...

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iPhone 12: they will all have 5G, and a smaller Notch

Apr 17, 20 iPhone 12: they will all have 5G, and a smaller Notch

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5G on the iPhone is the top priority of Apple’s partner manufacturers. And the chip has become so compact that it leaves room for batteries and other components. But this will not lead to an increase in prices for users. Just good news today. All 4 variants of the iPhone 12 arriving after the summer will support 5G, although...

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