New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: review of the keyboard with trackpad

The new Magic Keyboard with trackpad for iPad Pro is a leap forward in terms of usability and robustness. But it is expensive, and it is also quite heavy.

Don’t just call it “iPad keyboard.” The whole concept has been revised from scratch to make the user experience unique – and truly profitable – which, therefore, is different from what you would have on a traditional computer.

First of all, there is the magnetic coupling to iPad Pro that supports and keeps the display suspended through a free-tilt system that allows you to adjust the viewing angle up to 130 °. The keyboard also has no compromises, neither in the measures (which are standard) nor in the features: scissor mechanism, 1mm excursion, backlight. The trackpad will not be as large as that of Macs, but allows you to click anywhere (unlike similar products, such as Logitech); the USB-C port instead allows you to charge the iPad Pro without occupying the USB-C on the iPad Pro, which means that it remains free to connect accessories, external disks and monitors. Finally, when the Magic Keyboard is docked and closed, the iPad Pro microphones are physically disconnected, which gives additional security.

The Magic Keyboard, explains Apple “takes full advantage of the distinctive features of the iPadOS user experience. When the user moves his finger on the surface of the integrated trackpad, the pointer transforms elegantly to highlight the elements of the interface. And with the Multi-Touch gestures on the trackpad you can navigate the entire operating system quickly and easily without the user ever having to lift his hand from the surface. The trackpad support in iPadOS works great with the apps that customers use every Writing and editing text is a breeze in Pages and Notes, working with multiple objects in Keynote is easier than ever, and the added precision levels allow you to easily create and organize even the largest spreadsheets in Numbers. ”

Those who have used it tell of an incredibly fluid, natural and optimized interface typing and navigation experience. All reviews, in other words, are rave, but there is a but.

Mainly, let’s talk about the price that in our country starts from € 339 but that reaches € 399 for the 12.9 “model; if you also add the cost of an iPad Pro you can easily get to the price of a MacBook Pro which is however a real computer with all the frills.

In addition, as already mentioned, the trackpad is small and the weight of the keyboard is also not irrelevant: we are talking about 1,351 grams for the iPad + keyboard combo, which is more than the 1,290 grams of the 13 “MacBook Air and very close to the 1,370 grams of the MacBook Pro 13 “. But if you need extreme portability, and iOS is sufficient to meet your needs, iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard is probably one of the most technologically advanced, beautiful to see and easy to use solutions that the market has to offer.