iPhone SE: Apple’s unboxing video is “minimalist”

As per tradition, now that the new iPhone SE is available, the catchphrase of the unpacking videos will start very soon, a ritual that we cannot and do not want to escape. This time, however, Apple wanted to burn everyone on time, and launch their own version of unboxing. And it’s super minimalist.

What you see at the top of the post is the video that Apple will disseminate on social networks to advertise iPhone SE, the new low-cost smartphone with a smaller display, Touch ID and A13 Bionic processor.

What is striking is its duration – just 8 seconds – and the fact that there is no narrative voice, nor music. You can barely hear a crescendo of background noises, and finally the crash of the packaging that falls on the table. Finally, a series of writings sets out the characteristics of the product:

Compact 4.7 “Design

Chip A13 Bionic

Professional Quality shots

A lot of beautiful things

It also costs less

And that’s it. On the other hand, what else can be said of a device that resembles in all respects the old iPhone 8 from the point of view of design, camera and biometric sensor? The only real novelty of value is the A13 Bionic processor, and in fact, it is the first thing they mention.