Apple replaces the battery chargers of third parties

The new move of Cupertino is now to offer to replace the third party battery charger that is potentially harmful with the original Apple models at a lower cost than the sales.

Safety first

The reasons are given by the greater reliability of the components developed directly for that type of devices with a bill such as to ensure the safety of colors which use them. The replacement program which will be put in place in the Apple Store and retailers decided directly by the Californian company will start from next August 9, in China since August 16 while in the USA it will last until the 18th of October.

The battery charger is replaced at $ 10

Simply those who want to, not trusting their own battery charger, can make the change with an Apple product at the price of $ 10. Not being able to assess the actual safety of the device that will be delivered, the program provides for the replacement regardless, always in the case that the user has some reservations about the product they are using.

Apple Charger

Apple Charger

A single device for all iDevices

In order to perform the replacement the customer must bring their own appropriate device so that it is annotated with the serial of the same and is not delivered more than a battery charger for any iDevice. Is Apple going to win this battle against the devices she characterized as hazardous for the safety of customers? The initiative is certainly commendable, it is certain that the cost of the accessories with the apple does not help to stay away from those of third parties.

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