AMD Carrizo | Higher efficiency for notebooks

It was in January when the company AMD announced it would release a new processor designed for laptops, especially for those which need to improve their battery performance. The current generation of processors is called Kavari and it already had a good performance at energy level, so it is expected in Carrizo, its successor, to be considerably better.

And this is because the savings that this processor offers compared to its predecessor have not been made public yet, but it has been disclosed to be a double-digit figure. Kavari, according to the company, is similar to Intel Core i5, and will be overcome by the new Carrizo. Improved battery life seems to be the main objective of the manufacturer, so it will focus on this aspect of the chip.

AMD Carrizo chip

AMD Carrizo chip

The known data are that it will increase a 5% of the potential offered by Kavari, while its consumption will be a 40% of this last one. The processor speed will be kept, but the graphics power will also be reduced by 20% . Inside we will find Heterogeneous System Architecture, in which the CPU and GPU are integrated to share memory and improve part of the processes performed by the chip.

The 4K content goes through a H.265 decoder and will reduce bandwidth consumption to enjoy streaming content. This processor will be ready to appear in the market during the second quarter of this year, although it says it could be delayed to coincide with the launch of the new proposal from Intel, the Broadwell processors, which will be available at midyear.

With this proposal, AMD continues its race to snatch its most direct competitor, Intel, the main presence in domestic and professional teams.

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