Why you shouldn’t want to work at Google

A job at Google, even a small government job in one of the largest and most ambitious technology companies in the world is something that many dream of. What is the opinion of some of the employees of the company? According to a report in Business Insider Below there’s a list of the reviews from current and former employees of Google that you will be able to read below:



Everyone is perfect, they hire the best to do the most insignificant jobs.

The worst part of being a worker in Google is that everyone has too many qualifications. The company has very high standards of recruitment because of the name and salary and working environment it offers, giving the best even for the most trivial jobs. Graduates of the top 10 universities offer just the technical support for product advertisements of Google, or download videos from YouTube or write simple codes to test for the color of a button on a website.

Many of our technicians are arrogant.

Unfortunately, the average of the technicians of Google are arrogant! And too cocky! Everyone thinks that they are better than the one sitting next to them, while the majority of them are men. It is very difficult to discuss anything. The objective and unbiased discussions are very rare, they are all very stubborn and do not care about the opinions of others, unless they are God himself.

Google is such a large company, your impact on this is minimum.

I worked at Google for three years and it was very difficult to take the decision and quit. What finally helped me was that I realized the impact that would have me as a single person in the company was minimal. Unless you’re an exceptional talent who can create something new, chances evolution in your company is that you’re just a cog in the machine.

Office and workspace can be very small.

If your job is in one of the four main buildings, then the more likely you are to have minimum workplace. It is very common to see 3 and 4 people in a small office. While in all the common areas food, games, television, meetings etc. is always crowded, it is difficult to find a quiet place to work.

Google employees

Google employees

The writings remain.

If you are in the hiring process by Google be sure to bargain hard and be demanding and have everything documented. The company gives a lot of promises that you keep forever.

The employees can be very annoying.

At the offices of Zurich is a very quiet room where you can relax or take a nap. There are aquariums, where you can fish fooling around while you work. Shipped more than 100 email seeking to remove from there the massage chairs because they made a lot of noise and doesn’t let employees sleep.

Many are immature.

It’s the right place for those who do not want to grow up. They drink all day, gossip, play games and work less.

Employees do not respect the seasonal.

Officials of Google don’t respect those who go there for a short time. It seems they think that anyone who does not work for the company on a regular basis, is a junior.

By Nicole P.