Sony’s new robot dog for Smart Homes takes the place of the mythical Aibo

There are rumors spreading in the Web about the presentation of a new Sony branded robotic dog suitable for your Smart Home. Let’s say new because it is not the first time that Sony is presenting such a product: some will remember that the first Aibo could be purchased on the market from  $ 2,000 to $ 1,500. A stratospheric price, which is justified both by the type of device from the fact that such time devices of the genre were not widespread.

The rumors must be taken with due caution: they come from The Wall Street Journal but as long as Sony did not confirm, we prefer to give them the credibility that a corridor voice can have. We do not know anything about the new robot-dog but it’s easy to assume that it will fully exploit the smartphone’s capabilities and that it will be a dog, as Sony has already produced such a device and that in many households the dog is a must.