Ubuntu 12.04 guides you through the first steps

I would ask – but better no to – because I have not updated the U-Book, the quick start guide to Ubuntu Community Digital has made ​​the tricks integrated directly from Canonical, The Document Foundation, Ubuntu Women, Pollycoke, OpenLabs, Google Users Technology Group of Florence, Institute Majorana and Luca Ferretti. Now I’ll give you an explanation.



Since long ago Ubunu was a group that worked to create a manual ad hoc. It can be found on the website Ubuntu Manual. And now finally there is the manual, although it is not yet available in Italian and Spanish (Only English and German). The company got the rights to sell digital downloads a year ago with prices that vary. You can download it (version for printing and for reading on the screen) at this link: http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads.

This is a comprehensive text that will teach you everything you will need to begin to take your first steps in the Linux (or Ubuntu, before someone gets angry, although it should be the same thing). I advise you to download the old U-Book (which in the meantime has exceeded 15 thousand downloads) because the text has collected quick tips (20 pages) to make your experience more comfortable with this wonderful operating system.

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