Surface 2 | The first picture and all the information leaked

Microsoft will launch the first refresh of the line Surface today from New York but not before 16:30. In the meantime however, a new leak appeared on the network giving us an even more precise idea of what to see and what we will not see released in the event set for the next few hours. The new information today  including the first photo Of Surface 2 RT you can see here coming once again from Paul Thurrot of Winsupersite who speaks of a launch on paper ie without immediate availability of products. More than plausible is hypothesis given that there are still a few weeks before the release of the final version of Windows 8.1.

Surface 2 Leak

Surface 2 Leak

The specifications on the two tablets remain those of the past weeks, namely Tegra 4, Full HD screen and USB 3.0 for Windows veriante ARM with RT 8.1 and Intel Core i5 Haswell for the Pro version with Windows 8.1, which will keep even the exact same chassis magnesium alloy with the exception of the new adjustable stand in two positions. The price of the RT version will be identical to that of the first generation so $ 499.

Surface mini by 2014 but will not appear in New York

These however are not the only two tablets that Microsoft intends to churn out by the end of the year. Thurrot also speaks of a third tablet, a Surface mini 8 inch that will not be mentioned in the event today. The tablet would be nothing more than a smaller version of the Surface 2 smooth, again based on ARM platform but with a system on chip from Qualcomm instead of Nvidia. For all the official details on the new Surface 2 assuming that you really call it that we just have to wait for the launch event scheduled for this afternoon.

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