AirPods, the charging case will become a Bluetooth speaker

The AirPods charging case will soon have superpowers. Not only will it support wireless charging, it will even turn any speaker into a Bluetooth speaker system.

Soon, the AirPods case will do much more than recharge your wireless earphones. A patent recently filed by Cupertino illustrates a brilliant idea that could turn it into a real Bluetooth box:

“A case for an electronic listening device [Ie, wireless headsets, hereinabove] is configured to accommodate a pair of wireless headsets, and reload them when they are stored in the case. The case is then further configured to receive the audio received from the wireless earphones, and transmit it to a non-wireless audio system connected to the case. ”


In other words, by connecting the case to an ordinary cashier, the latter can be transformed into a Bluetooth receiving system that can be controlled by iPhone and through Siri; the case acts as a bridge between the earphones and the casing itself.

This system would bring several advantages: it would increase the attractiveness of the product at very low costs, would allow you to listen to music when the earphones are charging, and in addition it would be bidirectional.