What a 3D Printer Could Mean to You and the Rest of the World

With HP’s 3D Printer out in the market, there is no telling what people can do with this piece of technology. If the bigger and more powerful versions can print cars and other machines, the small piece of equipment are likely to do wonders in small scale.

3D printing can change the world. Period.

In fact, it has slowly made its way to the business world, making a huge impact even in its introductory phase. Just think, if manufacturers of housewares can have a mold printed in mere seconds, rather than go through an entire process of creating a mold from clay and cooking it in a kiln, production time can be cut in half. This means cost would be lower, and selling price is also reduced.


What is even better is that precision is guaranteed, because objects are designed and edited through computer programs. Any errors or problems will be rectified, before anything goes into production. Doing tests would be less costly as well.

The 3D printer from HP also comes with a removal system, with special disposal methods that ensure a workstation stays clean after one print job. If other future 3D printers for home consumption will have similar technology, disposal of by products would not be a problem.

What could such a machine mean to the world?


The manufacturing process would be quicker and more affordable than the old system. This could signal the start of centralized plants to manufacture locally. If raw materials need not be imported, retail prices could go down significantly.

Customization will become a popular trend, since design can be altered with ease, using editing software or similar enterprise solutions, creativity will be able to meet an individual’s needs. Anything can be made unique.

Of course, such technology is not without its share of problems. When used across the board, it could affect employment in a major way.

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