Workspace as a service grows | Cloud security more important than ever

According to Forrester, 77% of executives with decision-making in IT this year will implement some kind of virtual work environment, also known as desktop as a service or more recently, workspace as a service or WAAS. This is supposed to provide the scalability of the cloud, professional security, multidevice mobility and efficiency of payment for use. The trend at the market level is clear, though as many organizations have doubts about how to implement these solutions.

First, we must distinguish between two types of work environments in the cloud: first, the desktop virtualization; and secondly, the virtualization of applications, whether internal or company-designed to serve its customers. Although both options are based on similar company profile technology that fits each often, they are in fact, very different in each case.

The first type coincides with companies whose users make heavy use of all resources to virtualize, ie workstation, desktop and applications. So in their day to day, they work almost one hundred percent in front of the platform. This virtual desktop system has many advantages, the most significant being cost reductions for hardware / software, and obtaining greater efficiency in processes and performance of IT staff, which is no longer servicing equipment and can focus on adding value to the core business.

The second type of client workspace as a service is one that virtualizes just some of the applications you use. The variants herein may be several: perhaps only the heaviest, perhaps using common departments located in different geographical areas.

In the case of a software company that provides software to its customers and requires providing secure remote access to such software, virtualization lets you upload your application to the cloud and provide access to the platform for users easily and economically. It also allows implementation of control policies and permissions, etc. In other words, they can offer their software as a service in the cloud.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Choosing supplier

For a successful migration to a new WAAS environment it is essential to have a service provider able to provide knowledge and offers of scale, proactive support, expertise in virtualization, security certifications and SLA to ensure service levels are essential elements for a first search.

There are several types of providers of virtual environments. Large companies with thousands of employees and offices in several continents, may opt for solutions such as IT security from Dell.

On the other hand, the lowest international organizations and SMEs often need to opt for a custom solution. Whether for legal reasons or not this profile of company needs a service provider near it as it may not have the budget to afford to use big IT brands such as the one above. For such companies it may be better to design the solution to their requirements and manage it.