Business Breakthrough Event London Slated for 21st May 2015

Today’s business platform is no longer limited to the brick-and-mortar methods of the yesteryears. While conventional ways are still prevalent, the emerging presence of breakthrough technologies for business is not something to be ignored or underestimated. In fact, these technologies might one day totally demolish and render obsolete all business conventions.

One such technology is collaboration and communication systems that enable businesses to communicate remotely and more effectively. Although most enterprises are aware of LCD projectors and videos, many still require further training in innovative communication systems such as video/audio conferencing and online streaming tools.


For now, it is fortunate for business entrepreneurs and industry players, particularly in London and the rest of Europe to participate in the yearly Business Breakthrough Event organized by Europe’s leading video solutions firm, Imago ScanSource.

The Event gathers industry leaders who are actively pursuing exploration of conferencing and collaboration solutions for business, and their impact on the future of the enterprise milieu.

The Event to be held at The Brewery in the City of London on May 21, 2015 will be graced by several top manufacturing companies to help demonstrate innovative products, offer training, and identify new business opportunities in the market.

This yearly affair is a great opportunity to meet some of the world’s finest and most influential, manufacturers, vendors and experts.


Some of the highlights of the Business Breakthrough Event 2015 include:

  • The Premium Channel focused Event to help create a more dynamic enterprise
  • More than 30 vendors demonstrating the latest technology and providing exclusive offers
  • Over 400 channel partners in attendance
  • Informative and exclusive presentations
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Special lunch provided for all attendees at the beginning of the Event

The 2015 Event is the fourth annual event to bring together various channel partners and vendors, but is the so far the second ‘Business Breakthrough’ Event”, according to Ian Vickerage, Imago ScanSource Managing Director.

Those interested to attend the Event better start registering at designated websites. The organizers and media partners are already accepting registrations and inquiries.