Domotic iPhone, all the best accessories 2019


Home automation for iPhone is cheap and produces sci-fi effects: you can automate lights, locks, appliances, cameras, heating, air conditioning and irrigation with very low and guaranteed figures. Here are the best HomeKit products available on the Italian market in 2019.

As for imagination and hoped for, HomeKit is finally catching on. The Apple home automation platform is full of modular accessories that fit together in surprisingly sophisticated ways. Thanks to this protocol, for example, you can set that the video surveillance camera turns on by itself as soon as you leave the house, or that the thermostat turns off the heaters when all the lights are turned off. O friend who starts irrigation when it is too hot or the grass cutter robot if it rains a lot.

It is a way to reach this level of complicated technology. All you need is an Internet connection and a WiFi network: the rest includes accessories.

In the list that we propose we have introduced HomeKit certified products (with ,, new exception: Amazon Echo speakers, and below we explain why) and with free shipping. We consider the following items for the price ratio offered, in many cases how to test them in person for months and years. The discount codes that we indicate to you are of very short duration, and may no longer be in the days following publication; so if you are interested in a product, we advise you to buy it as soon as possible to enjoy the discounted price.

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