Wearables at CES 2016

From smart clothing to the latest connective wrist wear, the 2015 CES floor burst with innovation and wearable technologies. There was the smart sock from Sensoria equipped with pressure sensor, and the Zazzi smart jewelry designed to notify wearers of their emails and texts, transforming age-old fashion into the next global trend. And in the upcoming CES technology tradeshow this January 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re looking to see more next-gen wearables.

A few companies have already given a hint on what they’re bringing to the show, but others are still waiting for the right timing to make their announcement. So, we did some sniffing out of the next wearable trends.

Samsung’s Orbis


The smartphone giant has reputation for secrecy concerning its products, but it might be planning to pull out the big guns at CES 2016, surprising everyone with a new wearable entry, the Orbis. Rumor has it that this smart watch comes with a number of practical and useful features such as a camera; health monitor; object, image and barcode monitor, as well as the ability to act as TV remote and car key.

Misfit Shine 2

Misfit recently announced that it’s bringing two new wearables at CES; however, CEO Sonny Vu, clearly emphasized that only one of the two is going to be a tracker – the Misfit Shine 2. This fine-tuned tracker is 10% thinner than its previous version and comes with colored lights and vibrations for alerts. Plus, it comes with selfie and Link smart home controls.


We’re expecting to see a number of fitness trackers at CES 2016 as well, because as what we learned, fitness companies like FitBit will be exhibiting in the January tradeshow. This time though, we would be expecting to see smart watches with increased accuracy, eliminating the problems associated with the earlier versions of smart watches.