iPhone 12, from 2020 AirPods included in the package?

According to an incredible indiscretion coming from Taiwan, the look of Apple is considering the possibility of putting a pair of AirPods inside each package of the iPhone 12.

In the packaging of the next generation of iPhones coming next year you could find a nice pair of AirPods. This is revealed by the latest suspected indiscretion by DigiTimes.

“Smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi” writes the economic newspaper, citing the industry’s anonymous sources, “are thinking about how to pair TWS headsets with their new smartphone models next year.” The term TWS is the acronym of truly wireless stereo, that is devices able to support – without wires – the stereo, for example as AirPods and Galaxy Buds of Samsung. But something does not come back.

How does Apple put a € 179 accessory inside the iPhone box, without increasing the price for the end user? AirPods with wireless chargers and AirPods Pro. It must be said that the production costs of the base model must by now have been seen quite lowered, especially now that AirPods with wireless chargers and AirPods Pro are available.

In our opinion, it would have been the earphones, we could have even made the tariff; but the mandatory presence of the charging case – although Lightning – makes the costs for the apple go up too much, and the phone is already sold for more than € 1,000. In short, the scenario looks a bit unlikely.

For the rest, iPhone 12 will feature 6 GB of RAM, displaying thinner and more powerful processing power thanks to the A14 processor. But the inclusion of AirPods, for the moment, is a mystery.

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