LinkedIn reveals Google, Apple and Microsoft are the most desired companies

Google, Apple and Microsoft companies are more wanted? What happened to Samsung? Brace yourselves! The Koreans are only present in a league that is really interesting because it shows what are the companies most desired by users are the same as those desired by those seeking employment. The list was compiled by LinkedIn, social network that does not need any introduction and that turns out to be anything but a unreliable source, given by the number of subscribers and the use companies make of it to look for staff. The ranking that we propose, however, is not the first of the whole life of the social network for professionals. This is a list that is compiled annually. It’s the so-called Most InDemand Employers about hundred companies to which people send their resume to be hired.



We see with all the data, remembering that the analysis was conducted on the basis of 238 million requests:
1. Google
2. Apple
5. Microsoft
6. Facebook
7. Amazon
23. Twitter
38. VMware
39. Oracle
44. Electronic Arts
53. Adobe
55. HP
59. Razorfish
60. Cisco
74. Netflix
84. Red Hat
85. Samsung
89. Siemens
90. IBM
99. Spotify

Gold Medal went to Google, silver and bronze to Apple and Microsoft, at least in the ranking of technology companies considering all societies. In fact, it is known as the situation changes dramatically and that what is a third place becomes a fifth, because of the presence of the most desired companies. Are you surprised by some data in particular or were you expecting these results?

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