Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills in 2016

Have a knack for everything about computers? Looking forward to change career? Want to land a job in one of the world’s largest tech companies? Google, IBM, or Microsoft perhaps? Good news, there’s bound to be loads job opportunities for IT job seekers next year.

Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 survey revealed the IT skills that will be most in demand in the next 12 months. Here’s the top 5:

  1. IT Architecture

As companies move forward with all kinds of technology-driven products, there’s bound to be an increased demand for a wide range of specialists – from cloud architects to enterprise architects. In fact, 42% of the survey respondents said they will be looking for people with this skill in 2016.


  1. Application Development/Programming

This got the first rank in Computerworld’s list of most-in-demand jobs last 2015, but coming second place here isn’t that bad either.  This is because despite the fact that programming expertise can be obtained cheaply offshore, programming and application development continue to be in high demand.

  1. Project Management

Here’s the good news, 46 percent of Forecast survey respondents said they’re expecting to increase their technology spending in 2016. This means that more spending more projects and more work for project managers.

  1. Big Data Analytics

Ranking 10 in last year’s Forecast and ranking 4 for 2016, the surge in interest in using data to drive business boosts the demand for big data professionals. Companies are said to be particularly looking for an expert who can help them manage and package data.


  1. Business Intelligence and Analytics

The demand for BI and analytics specialists increased in industries where the use of business intelligence and analytics has matured. These include the finance, insurance and healthcare sectors. Companies are looking for professionals who possess technical expertise and understand the business and the industry.