Skype for Web Beta – Huge Letdown for Users

In the last few hours, Skype users worldwide had a hard time logging in to their accounts, making video or phone calls, and sending or receiving chat messages.

According to a Skype announcement, they detected an issue affecting their services.  One, users had to wait several minutes and log in repeatedly to get through. Once through, they may not be able to edit their status or they may not be able to make calls to contacts simply because everyone appears offline. Another issue involves the delay in reflecting the changes in credit balance and profile details, as well as in loading various web pages on the Skype Community. Skype admin advises users to check future updates and to be patient while they resolve said issues.

video call

Not surprisingly, the announcement was almost simultaneous with the offering of Skype for Web, the beta version of what seemed like an unnecessary innovation that may have led to all these service interruptions in the first place.

In an attempt to allow users to log in and use Skype services directly on the web, Skype may have cannibalized the resources used for its former non-browser-based application. The trouble is that, the beta version of the Skype for Web can only facilitate sending and receiving of chat messages. If users want to make phone or video calls, they need to download and install a plugin, an added hassle. To make matters worse, the plugin does not actually work properly now that every contact appears off the grid despite being online.

Skype says that only a trivial amount of chat messages were not delivered, but many users are already convinced Skype for Web and Skype messenger are both suffering from the vulnerabilities of the Internet and the haphazardly done Skype for Web service.  Skype staff say they’re working on a quick fix. Sadly, it’s been 24 hours since services are down, and the world is watching, the clock is ticking. One commentary said it’s about time a neophyte messenger app rise up to the challenge.

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