Tips for Relieving Eye Strain from Your Gadgets

While some people strain their eyes from reading books or watching television, while others suffer the same condition from using their computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets. Considering that screens are present in almost all places today, it is important to observe some habits of preventing eye strain from getting tired due to intense use over time. Here are tips on practicing safe screen time and keeping your vision healthy:

  • Reduce the glare.

The reflective glare emitted by computer screens and those of other handheld devices can cause our eyes to strain, not to mention that it can disrupt the production of your sleeping hormones late at night and trick the body into thinking that it needs to keep awake. While your devices might already have anti-reflective surfaces, it still may not be enough to protect your eyes, so try slightly tilting the screen to limit the glare.


  • Get the appropriate exterior lighting.

Bright lights around you can increase glare, so turn off unnecessary lighting in your surroundings or keep your devices away from sunlight by closing nearby shades on your windows.

  • Adjust the brightness.

Compare the overall brightness in your room to that of your screen, and then reduce the screen’s brightness to harmonize better with the ambient lighting of your surroundings. Not only that this will help you save energy, but it will also reduce eye strain linked to staring at bright screens.

  • Keep your devices updated.

Aside from keeping your eyeglasses current (if you are wearing one), you should also consider updating your devices. As you can see, updated computers, tablets and smartphones have screens with better resolution that is good for the eyes.


  • Increase your blinking frequency.

When you are behind a screen, you would simply forget blinking your eyes, which will make them dry. Now, make it a point to blink more often when using your computer or using your gadgets.

As today technology is all around us, it is important to keep in mind that our health is invaluable. To keep eye strain at bay, you should consider the tips mentioned above.

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