Magic Keyboard, the exclusive silver / black version of the Mac Pro

Do you also love the contrast between black and silver of the Mac Pro keyboard, mouse and trackpad? Sorry, but for now they are exclusive to the new models.
The new powerful and expensive Mac Pro brings in a new line of Magic Keyboard, Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 provided with two-color livery. They are beautiful and stylish, but to bring them home, the user – for the moment – is taking out over € 6,000.

The combination of black and silver on the accessories, in fact, is exclusive to the Mac Pro. The tasty blacks on a metal body make a perfect pendant with the design of the machine, and that’s why they have been matched.

Sooner or later they will also be available separately, but they will certainly cost more than the all-silver or all-black counterpart. How much do we bet? It happened with the old black MacBook of 2006, which for the same configuration cost € 200 more than its white counterpart; and it happened with the accessories in Siderale Gray of the iMac Pro (from the price list, the dark Magic Mouse costs € 99 against the € 85 of the white one but luckily there are the Amazon discounts).

Then, over time, the situation will normalize. But in the meantime we expect a lot of excitement and auctions on eBay to get a preview of the new accessories; in January 2018, we still remember, it easily reached $ 5-600 with peaks of $ 1,500-1,700 and even $ 2,500 for the iMac Pro keyboard + mouse combination. What is not done for the latest Apple news.