The new headphones designed by Apple in California

A Vietnamese portal has revealed some images which depict the new headphones designed and produced by the Apple Californian company for their mobile Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod. Here is a description of this new Apple accessory:

What you see in my hands are the new headphones for the iPhone 5 coming out and the new generation of iPod. These headphones have been manufactured in the factory in Vietnam Co Phax. They look like a horse’s head and are much different from the traditional headphones. When I tried them, I had the feeling of a fully integrated system, a single piece and there is no part that seems to be removed unlike the current headsets. This integrated design is a feature of Apple products.

New Apple headphones

New Apple headphones

The site in the past has proven to be quite reliableand is a portal that can predict positive characteristics of the products of high-tech Apple company in California.

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