Logitech Ultimate Ears Megaboom | Bigger speakers for a heart-pounding experience

We must admit that lately Logitech keeps surprising us when it presents pretty interesting devices to enjoy more our music experience. If some time ago it presented the Ultimate Ears Miniboom, portable speakers with Bluetooth and whtich had a cylindrical shape and very good 360-degree sound thanks to its design, now they have introduced into society the new revision thereof. The Logitech Ultimate Ears Megaboom are portable speakers too with reinforced and deeper bass. Indeed, check the video below to get introduced too to this Miniboom big brother and its higher volume!

Apparently and according to photos of the press release, the EU Megaboom have a very similar appearance to the first model of UE BOOM mobile device. In addition to the deeper bass and 360-degree stereo sound, the new generation of UE Megaboom are waterproof devices validated by IPX7 certificate, and count with a stain resistant baffle.

They are certainly elegant

They are certainly elegant

The UE Megaboom speaker weighs less than a kilo and has a rechargeable battery for 20 hours and a Bluetooth system that easily reaches 30 meters. As we could already do with the UE BOOM, we can have stereo sound joining two UE Megaboom or UE BOOM speakers via Bluetooth, and we can also update applications and functions with innovative features with the free app for iOS or Android, like for example the remote on/off, alarm and customizable sound. And the updates can be done wirelessly.

The UE Megaboom will be available in Europe in January of 2015 for 299 Euros. And we already want it.

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