The first smartphone that runs 2 operating systems

A few months ago we saw the first tablets with both operating systems and we know their plans for launch in devices and in mobile. The idea of ​​a smartphone that runs and Android and Windows Phone is particularly interesting but foundered in Microsoft’s refusal to open wider collaborations. So first expressed interest in the dual OS Mobile was the HTC, the Huawei, Samsung and others. A few days ago Nokia launched its own Android-like cell, but unfortunately it will not run Windows Phone.

First 'split' smartphone

First ‘split’smartphone

The Indian Karbonn Mobiles announced the deal with Microsoft to integrate Windows Phone to mobiles, the first of which is expected in June. More details on the operation were not known, but the president of the Indian Karbonn, Sudhir Hasija reported it as fact in an interview with the India Times. So we only have to wait until June to see the first smartphone with Android and Windows.

First 'split' smartphone

First ‘split’ smartphone

By Nicole P.

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