Areas in Your Life That the Internet of Things Can Change

The Internet of Things or IoT is the ultimate interconnection of computing devices. Nearly everything that is assigned with a unique identifier can be a part of a huge network that can interact with each other over the internet. Your mobile phone can communicate with your car, and so will your home’s security system. Similar to the information superhighway, IoT can also change various areas in your life.


Car Maintenance

Now that your car can speak to your mobile phone, you will never have to miss an oil change ever again. Any other scheduled maintenance and checks will not be forgotten too, including annual tune up and daily tire pressure checks. By cross referencing your calendar, you will be reminded of all your appointments in a timely manner.

Daily Drive

Can you imagine a traffic light adjusting itself according to traffic situations? This is made possible through IoT. Traffic lights will even adjust when an emergency vehicle is approaching to give it more importance over other cars plying the road. Communication can also be established between cars and road sensors, so you will know what the road conditions are even before you reach it.

Health Monitoring

How can the IoT help in the world of healthcare? For one, doctors will be able to remotely monitor their patients, such as blood pressure and sugar levels. They will also be informed on whether or not patients have ongoing health issues. Seems unbelievable? Well, you better believe it. For another, a patient will know exactly when they need to see their doctor or to refill their prescription meds.

Grocery Shopping

2014-8-18 smartthings bought by Samsung

Don’t you just hate it when you come home from the supermarket only to find out that you forgot to buy eggs? With a smart refrigerator connected to your mobile phone or tablet, your shopping list app will automatically populate on items that are running low or those that you need to buy.

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