Mushkin Ventura Ultra 240GB SSD USB

Mushkin announces the start of the distribution for the Ventura Ultra, a high performance USB 3.0 drive that is talked about as early as January when it appeared for the first time at CES 2013. Flash Drive or SSD ultra compact? The drive borrows formats, capacity and performance of both worlds and the result is a pendrive that is a little overweight but able to provide, read and write at speeds on par with the midrange internal SSD.

The data provided by Mushkin talks about transfer speed in reading and writing at 380MB / s and 325MB / s, a little less than you’d expect from a SSD SATA but in any case much more than a mechanical hard drive or a fast USB 3.0 flash drive. To arrive at these results it had to be an outer envelope that far exceeds the performance of traditional pendrives, with 8 inches long, 2 wide and just under 1 thick. A format can potentially block adjacent ports or worse still lead to breakage of the USB port in the event of accidental impact but that it was necessary to allow the housing of a controller SandForce (SF-2281) identical to those of the SSD in 2.5″ size.

Ventura Ultra USB

Ventura Ultra USB

The Ventura Ultra can be purchased from October 7 in the same formats announced in January which are 240GB, 120GB and 60GB. The company in Austin for the moment has not provided any details on pricing but you certainly should expect around $ 300 to 400 for the top model.

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