Motion Tracking iPhone Cameraman

A Gadget of the new generation as the iPhone and other smartphones allow you to always have at hand a useful tool to make shooting at times of need easy. A convenient support In some cases however, the professional video cameras or the ones embedded in mobile phones pose problems when you want to be part of the scene and there is no...

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Gamepad for Apple iPhone and iPad

Straight from GDC 2013 comes a rumor about an alleged Gamepad for Apple iPhone and iPad. This rumor will continue outwitting the web as long as the Big Apple itself does not intervene to safely stop gossip and explain that they do not feel the need or see the utility in a joystick for its tablets and smartphones. Competition with...

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Scuba Suite for iPhone | Enjoy swimming

Jan 20, 13 Scuba Suite for iPhone | Enjoy swimming

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The iPhone is also a fashion which for some becomes a kind of disease. There are people who cannot be separated from the unit of Apple which claims the latest version to avoid ending up outside the trendy track. The idea of ​​not having it in your pocket is just cringe for these subjects. They would never part with it. If they...

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Turn your iPhone into an iPad Mini with the Mini Cinema

Oct 16, 12 Turn your iPhone into an iPad Mini with the Mini Cinema

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The display of the iPhone 4/4S, when compared with that of any tablet, is really too small thus watching a movie on it is really unpleasant, and this may guide you towards an iPad or a future iPad Mini, but you could preserve much part of your salary purchasing the Mini Cinema, a very strange lens that magnifies the screen of our...

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The iPhone Evolution

Sep 23, 12 The iPhone Evolution

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Since the rumors about the new iPhone 5 and its release a few days ago, iPhone is the top topic of the last weeks. Nobody can deny that is an amazing smartphone which is evolving year by year. Do you remember the first iPhone back in 2007? Do you remember its features? Well, in this tech infographic we can see the Evolution of the...

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