The most popular iPhone of the year? iPhone XR

Now that the past year has ended, it’s time for budgets. It turns out that the most popular Apple phone of 2019 was the iPhone XR.

The numbers are clear, and although they do not officially come from Cupertino (but from a research company, Omdia), they reveal that during 2019 Apple delivered a gigantic number of iPhone XR.

Overall, Apple would deliver the beauty of 46.3 million iPhone XRs from January to December 2019; a quantity more than double compared to 23.1 million in 2018 and equal to 9 million units more than the iPhone 11 in 2019. Frankly surprising figures, since we are talking about a product launched over 15 months ago.

After iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, we find the Galaxy A10 in third position with 30.3 million units delivered; then follow the Samsung A50, the Samsung A20 and iPhone 11 Pro Max respectively in fourth, fifth and sixth position. The Galaxy S10 – which is absurd but that’s it – doesn’t even appear.

“Apple is consistently pursuing first and second positions in the global smartphone delivery schedule; the company has been in a dominant position for over 5 consecutive years,” said Jusy Hong, head of smartphone research and analysis at Omdia. “Apple’s continued dominance on this front is even more remarkable if we consider that Apple’s price hike caused a decline in iPhone deliveries last year. By limiting the number of models it offers compared to its competitors, Apple is been able to focus its sales on a few highly successful smartphones, such as iPhone XR. ”

And in fact, if you think about it, it makes sense from a user-side investment perspective. Although somewhat dated, iPhone XR can count on a powerful A12 processor and the modernity of the Face ID, all at bargain prices. If in fact in the Apple Stores it is still marketed starting from € 739, on Amazon it is now found at very tasty prices.