Sony Walkman E-Series | Noise cancellation and FLAC support

Today Sony announced two new entries in the Walkman family of portable media players. Walkman NWZ-E580 and NWZ-E380. The band covered by the new models is that of low. Medium is omitted where the versatility and power of Android in favor a more compact design but also of a lower price.

NWZ-E580 | Noise cancellation FLAC

The most interesting in its support for the lossless FLAC, which finally are natively supported by the operating system inside the PMP. The main difference between the two models is the presence of a system of active noise cancellation. This E580 also includes a pair of in ear headphones and an LCD screen of high quality for easier navigation in the library.

Sony Walkman E-Series

Sony Walkman E-Series

NWZ-E380 | Colorful, compact and minimal

Smaller and inevitably more economical, the E380 the package includes a simple bonnet ear. Other differences are also the colors. Black with aluminum finish for the E580 and a choice of colors for the E380 with three variants in red, black and blue and the same geometric textures. Some variation also for the effects of digital equalization or treatment for MP3. For the E580 they are Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, Clear Phase, DSEE and VPT. The E380 will be more limited offering only Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and Dynamic Normaliser. The new Walkman E-Series will be available in Europe in August at a price yet to be determined.