Samsung, Smart TVs will control PCs and smartphones

Samsung has announced for its Smart TV the remote access feature that allows you to control your PC and smartphone directly from the TV screen.

Samsung wants to make its TV even smarter and has announced the Remote Access function that will be available on its Smart TV from 2019. This feature is to connect TV with PC, tablet and smartphone, users to remotely control programs and compatible apps with Samsung Smart TV.

Thanks to remote access, the input devices, come the keyboards, you can be connected to a Samsung Smart TV, making it easier for users to control the contents on the screen.

Users are thus able to surf the Internet and play games with a keyboard and mouse.

Remote access, in addition to remote control from TV, you can access web browsers.

Samsung Smart TVs, in addition to being the center of entertainment home, will soon be a powerful bench also dedicated to productivity. The remote access feature was guaranteed by VMware Horizon, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that Samsung and its VMware partner direct to consumers.

To solve problems related to wireless connectivity and cloud services, Samsung has integrated its Knox security technology into Remote Access. Knox, remember, is already integrated into Samsung Smart TVs since 2015.

More details on this new feature will be underway during the next CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

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