Samsung J5 cover: the best models

Protecting your Samsung J5 smartphone with a cover is important to avoid scratches and small marks; here are some of the best solutions.

When you buy a smartphone like the Samsung J5, protecting it with a good cover is definitely a wise decision. In this way it will be possible to avoid damage due to minor impacts. Those who fear for aesthetics need not worry. The times in which the covers were anonymous and not very pleasing to the eye have passed. Today the covers not only use quality materials but are also very beautiful. In particular, some manufacturers offer very elaborate covers from a graphic point of view and are perfect to give more personality to your device.

How to choose the cover

The choice of the cover is however very important and one must always pay a minimum attention. Before looking at the aesthetic side it is important to look for a cover really designed for your smartphone like the Samsung J5. The hole for the camera and for all the side buttons must be positioned correctly or covered by the protective layer of the cover perfectly.

Low quality generic covers can often create more damage than good. Then there are covers that cover only the back of the smartphone or that “seal” it completely even if in these cases there may sometimes be a loss of touch screen sensitivity.

Then there is the aesthetic factor but in this case it is a purely subjective question.

Samsung J5 covers, the best

The LeYi cover for the Samsung J5 2017 is a classic silicone cover, soft and protective that winks at the female world thanks to the presence of glitter. Available in various colors. Price of 7.14 euros. (Buy on Amazon)

The Atump cover for the Samsung J5 2017 gives a nod to those looking for a sparkling and fashionable cover. Lightweight, it is covered in comfortable rubber to protect against small bumps. Price of 8.88 euros. (Buy on Amazon)

For those looking for maximum protection for their Samsung J5 2017, there is the BEZ cover made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that is doubly reinforced with a silicone-absorbing inner sheath. Price of 9.97 euros. (Discover on Amazon)

For those looking for the classic clear silicone cover there is the SR model that can protect against minor impacts in a discreet way. Price of 8.99 euros.