iCar, Apple’s technology is the worst of all

It is from April 2017 that Apple runs the streets of Cupertino vits autonomous SUV, but today for the first time we can read the documentation released to the US Department of Transportation, and what we find is surprising: the technology of the apple would seem the most sour of all.

Look at the chart you find at the top of the post. Collects the number of disengagement recorded for each mile traveled; that is to say, how many times the safety driver has to intervene by disengaging the autonomous driving system, and by correcting the trajectory by hand. And Apple is the last in the standings.

And so, on 1,000 miles traveled, while Google Waymo recorded just 0.09 disengagement on a total of 11,154.3 miles traveled, Apple declared the beauty of 871.65 disengagement. And mind you, the factors that can contribute to this loss are many: maybe the apple runs more complex circuits, or maybe Apple drivers are excessively cautious. But there is also a reasonable possibility that the technology developed has not evolved like that of Google and other competitors.

After all, Apple started road tests later than the competition, so it literally traveled less miles than everyone. And there is also to consider that there is no unified protocol to signal disengagement: these are spontaneous reports, characterized by dynamics that vary from society to society.

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