Night Mode: the killer app for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Lovers of photography and video editing waited for nothing else. Here’s a great reason why it’s worth switching to iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro: Night Mode


It seems nonsense, but in reality it is something that potentially serves everyone, because we all take photos at night and we would like them to be beautiful. With iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Apple introduced the Night Mode, and from what you can see the results are spectacular.
During the last Apple Special Event, Tim Cook and his family spent a lot of time looking at the wonders of the new smartphone cameras. All three models support a new shooting mode called Night which allows excellent results to be achieved even in low light conditions.

“Taking good pictures even in low light is one of the eternal challenges of photography,” explains Apple. “The shutter must stay open longer, with the risk of getting a blurred image. Not to mention how complicated it is to be able to keep the details of the shaded areas without overexposing the brighter ones. In addition, the colors must remain natural. ”

That’s why a sensor that works in tandem with the software and the Bionic A13 chip has been threaded into the wide-angle camera of the new iPhone to analyze the image in real time and improve brightness and details while reducing noise:
“When you tap the shutter button, the camera captures a sequence of images while the optical image stabilization keeps the frame still.
Then the camera software aligns and corrects the images, discarding any moved parts and putting together the sharpest ones. Not only: it also adjusts the contrast to improve overall balance, and refines the colors to make them natural. Finally, it intelligently eliminates noise and emphasizes details to produce the final image.
The result? Unbeatable night shots, with more details, less noise and a truly realistic rendering of the original atmosphere. ”

Now look at the pictures in the Gallery above and tell us if you don’t notice the abyss between the two shots. In particular, the first photo of the tour was published by the model Coco Rocha, and is the first road photo of an iPhone 11 Pro Max of which we are aware. And if these are the prodromes, we expect excellent things from these new smartphones.

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