MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard problems: the Class Action goes on

Users do not like the keyboard of Apple laptops and they tend to break too easily. And meanwhile in the USA the Class Action goes on.

In the last 4 years, Apple laptops have become thinner also thanks to an innovation in the comparison of tasty; instead of the traditional scissor mechanism, the apple has included the so-called butterfly mechanism, which has some pros and cons. So much so that with the new MacBook Pro 16 “it is necessary to retrace his steps, resuming the old technology by checking the laptop’s body a little.

Among the pros we undoubtedly include the greatest subtlety; among the cons, a shorter race that forces you to get used to this new technology after years and years of tasty old-fashioned physics. Nothing shocking, honestly: the writer does it on a MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar, and the keyboard won’t be as satisfying as that of the old Pro, but his work does provide it.

The problem is another, and concerns the extreme delicacy that characterizes it. A grain of dust is literally enough to “stick” the tasty and make them less snappy; it’s a feeling hard to describe if you’ve never tried it, but it’s like having a good refreshment pasted and struggling to get back up after typing. And when this happens, even their “click” looks different. But so far, nothing that a breath at the right point cannot fix.

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