iPhone XS too expensive? The folding Huawei Mate X costs € 2,300

The advanced technology costs, there is nothing to do. And if a thousand and a half passes for iPhone XS there seemed too many, wait to hear how much the folding Huawei costs.

After the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei also presented its first folding smartphone. This is a device with “hawk-wing design” that boasts a 6.6 “OLED display that can be taken to 8” in tablet mode; 5G support, 4 cameras (one of which 40 MP, another 16MP wide-angle plus the 8MP telephoto, which is added to a silent lens that will be activated further forward). What is striking, however, is the price to be sold: the monstre figure of € 2,299.

Compared to the South Korean Fold, this device has a thickness of just 11mm when folded, and 5.4mm when open; in addition, the main camera bears the Leica brand, and thanks to the design of the device, it can be used both for frontal selfie and for normal photo shoots.

Another difference: while Samsung has a display that is sensitive to fingerprints in all its breadth, the Mate X has the sensor placed on the power button, which in turn stands in the “hawk’s wing” on the left, and which hosts even camera lenses. In this way, Huawei could create a trinket with infinity display, totally free of interruptions.

The final highlight is the 55W SuperCharge which, combined with the 4.500mAh battery, allows you to take the phone from 0 to 85% charge in just 30 minutes.

All this technology, however, has a prohibitive cost: € 2,300 which make the € 1,800 Galaxy Fold seem a real bargain, and € 1,300 of the iPhone XS poverty stuff. And we wonder: is there really space in the market for a smartphone of over € 2,000? Someone will certainly do the parallel with the first mobile phone, a 1.1kg brick sold to the horror figure of $ 3,995, but we must make a distinction due: there we talked about a trinket able to connect people anywhere in the world and wireless; but what revolutionary advantage brings a folding screen? Apart from the wow effect, we mean.