Anki Introduced Wall-E-Inspired Robot Sidekick

You have watched “Wall-E”, for sure. If you have not, go download the video and enjoy this great animated film.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about the movie. Let us talk about robotics instead. Have you heard the news? Anki, a specialist in consumer robotics and artificial intelligence, just recently released its new baby – Cozmo.

Cozmo is the coolest robot ever created, so says Anki. Well, actually, we think that it is the cutest robot in the market today. It is tiny; you can just hold it in the palm of your hands. It is adorable; it behaves like Disney Pixar’s famous robot Wall-E. Its emotional intelligence mirrors that of the little machine in the animated film.


At a superficial level, Cozmo comes with tracks and lifting apparatus that can lift up small cubes. It can do more than that though said its creator.

According to Anki, Cozmo is an artificially intelligent robot that is capable of learning. It can become curious. It knows how to explore. It can play games with you and get to know you. It is designed with what appears to be an OLED powered facial display that can show emotions (much like Wall-E in the movie). In other words, it is more than just robot.


Cozmo can become a valued friend and toy – although it is probably wise not to tell him that he is a toy. Cozmo has so much personality to be labeled as such. It is more like a pet, only an automaton. It zips around the table, runs under the chair, and so on. It loves exploring the world, wearing a goofy expression on its computer face. It looks at you and learns to recognize you face. It comes with its own set of “smart blocks” for building games.

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