iPhone XI, this is what the 3-lens camera design will serve

A video on the Web shows how the 3-camera rear camera of the next generation of iPhone coming in 2019 could look like.

The next generation of Apple phones, which we have conventionally called the iPhone XI in accordance with the official nomenclature system, should enjoy a 3-lens rear camera. It is a feature on which rumors have been insisting for months, which at this point is very likely and will bring many new features.

However, we ask ourselves how the three rear lenses will be arranged, whether in a single row on a long vertical module or in another configuration; the most recent rumors speak of a sort of square protrusion on the body that collects three lenses, a microphone and the LED flash. A curious placement that has been immortalized in the video you see at the top of the post, created by those on the Indian Digit technology website.

In any case, it is an “incredibly precocious breath” and therefore it is possible – and likely – that this initial design will be improved and corrected, if not completely replaced. In short, it is only one of the hypotheses ventilated by Ive, and it is not said that landings on the finished product.

Triple Camera features

A camera of this type could allow you to get at least three interesting news:

Advanced 3D: The third lens would greatly improve the quality of object recognition in the space around the phone, which would result in Augmented Reality technology even more sophisticated and precise, even more immersive and realistic. There is even talk of stereoscopic photo capture, capable of capturing a subject from different shooting angles.

Improved Optical Zoom: A third lens would allow you to add an extra layer of optical zoom, thus without loss of quality. Up to now, from the iPhone 7 Plus onwards, the optical zoom reaches only 2x at most. With iPhone 11 we could get to 3x.

Better Brightness Management: An extra lens would increase the amount of light that can be captured with a single shot, which would help produce better photos in low light conditions.

For sure, iPhone IX will include a more powerful A13 processor, and perhaps will definitely say goodbye to the 3D Touch. But for the rest, mystery on the endowment of the new phones; it seems, on the other hand, that on the iPhone XR the double lens camera will arrive instead.