How much does a CRM cost? What is better to choose?

Companies are looking for ways to respond in a timely and organized the diverse needs of customers. In a time when the market requires solutions that are effective and possibly easier to use the CRM is proving to be one of the best investments.



The article appeared in The Republic of Monday, November 27th was the date: the CRM market is booming and between 2012 and 2015 will grow by 6.2%, in Europe by is expected to be 2.5%. A survey of IDC in UK stated that the CRM in any form has not yet been adopted by 38.4% of large companies, 45.8% of medium and 55.7% by small ones.

What is the price of a CRM?

What often blocks an entrepreneur towards the adoption of a CRM is the idea of excessive spending. Most entrepreneurs do not have a precise knowledge of what it would cost a CRM, but also which modules are necessary and which are not. According to Forrester Amr and CRM systems are considered by 50% of respondents “too expensive” and 65% “too complex”. But is it true? Outsourcing your company’s CRM requirements is always too expensive and too complex?
The CRM projects change much from one another, depending on the complexity of the modules, according to the type of use, etc..; Before purchasing you deserve always to bear in mind more queries.

How do you understand what CRM is best for your business?

Here are some parameters that can help in the evaluation:

SIMPLICITY : better to choose a solution adapted to the European working style. A simple and usable, designed specifically for ease of use even for non-experts (non-technical staff). Entrepreneurs are often attracted by the spectacular complexity of analysis and control software provided by the Americans, but it is important to reflect on the characteristics of their company and prefer a less complex and more “tailored” solution.

FLEXIBILITY: a better solution that allows easy modifications or customizations. The CRM must be flexible, adaptable to the characteristics of the company and its industry / market. It should allow multi-channel management services and provide a differentiated access to data according to the role. Needs to be  a modular and versatile, easy to modify and expand.

METHOD OF USE: This parameter is perhaps the tricky one and most of all, it affects the total cost of the product. There are CRM solutions that offer the opportunity to choose from:
– Purchase and license to use, like any other software in the box,
– Use on request (on demand), paying to use.