Going Pro: The Microsoft Surface

Some think it is the destiny of the tablet to eventually replace the laptop, and Microsoft’s Surface may just be the dark horse to do it. The latest iteration, the Surface Pro 3, builds on its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 which weighs less than a kilo and is extremely portable, comes with a built-in kickstand and has accessories including an ultra-light keyboard and a surface pen. Essentially, it has all the nuances of note-taking devices of yesteryear wrapped in a thoroughly modern package.

One question to ask yourself when you’re considering the Surface Pro 3, or any Surface Pro model for that matter, is whether you want something leaning toward a laptop, or whether you’d like a little tablet that can fit into a handbag. The 12-inch screen makes this latest in the Microsoft Surface line one of the biggest tablets out there, if not the biggest, and allows you to chart graphs and watch Netflix. However, it takes up a little more space than an iPad Mini or a smaller Kindle Fire. If you’re looking for a Surface, you’d do well to compare different generations against each other. Microsoft’s website has a great comparison tool that asks a shopper specific questions to determine which model works best for you… it’s also worth considering the sizeable savings an older version will reap.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

The display has a resolution of 1260 x 1440, and, as with the Surface Pro 2, you can expect to see all your pictures in HD. Battery life is fairly impressive, with up to nine hours of web-browsing power. Its camera is both rear- and front-facing, and its speakers are equipped with Dolby technology. The surface pen is likely to be included in your purchase, and could prove to be a cool and helpful tool. A click at the top (like a traditional ball-point) opens up the Surface’s word-processing app, and you can lean your hand on the device while you write without any worry of opening or closing other applications.

Across the board, reviews see to swim in the same direction: Both consumers and critics like the Surface! Many say it isn’t quite enough to replace their laptop — that of the sturdy keyboard—but it’s essentially a fully functioning, Windows-equipped computer than eliminates the need for pen and paper and is incredibly light.

It’s truly a laptop-tablet combo. Although it’s not quite ready to become the former, it is the perhaps the most deluxe, thorough version of the latter.

Image by Skakerman, used under Creative Commons license.