Cloud Technology for POS Systems

POS systems are a-must now for any business. The system tracks store inventory, daily sales, store taxes, payroll, warehouse inventory, and even helps with staff attendance. When you really look at it, this means that the store POS system is actually storing, calibrating, and combining a huge amount of data. Mrketplace states that most stores have their own local server and they store data on the server or store it at a third-party location for security. This is a good idea as natural disasters can happen at any time and it may irretrievably damage the local server resulting in a complete loss of data.

Newer Data Storage Systems

To prevent data loss, storeowners now offer retailers cloud-storage options. Cloud storage is a very popular trend in the IT industry at present and almost every large company has migrated their data to secure cloud servers. For a small business owner, this does make sense as well as it will keep their data safer on a secure dedicated server. However, not all business owners are tech experts and investing in a new system or service does require a little thought. If you are contemplating a cloud-server system, here are a few things you should know.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

More Security – You may not know if but you are already using cloud-systems in your daily life. For example, Netflix streaming video, and even Google Apps all use cloud storage facilities. The idea is to move your data to a third party online server that works exclusively to store and protect your data.

Lower Costs – Most companies store their data on-premises on local servers. However, this also means the store needs a small area to store the server, a tech department to maintain the server, ensure security, run updates, maintain the billing systems, check the data, run upgrades, etc. This is expensive and time-consuming for small business. Moving the data to a cloud-server ensures that the data is safe and the business saves money as well. Moving data to the cloud-storage system could reduce costs by as much as 55% as compared to traditional storage systems. Yes, you will have to pay the cloud company a small amount per month but this is well worth the storage space and security measures implemented by the company. You should consider the fact that the cloud company will deal with upkeep, development, and security of your company data for a flat monthly fee.

Quick And Easy Migration – The entire process of moving data from a local server to the cloud server is simple and easy. Usually, the cloud-server company will deal with the migration process and you don’t have anything to worry about.

Integrated POS – Apart from storing data, retailers can switch their traditional POS systems to a web-based POS as well. This type of POS is located entirely only on the cloud server. Instead of just migrating data, the retailer can have his entire POS stored on the cloud server. This is a huge advantages and the retailer can now operate the POS through a simple tablet. The POS is accessed through an icon on the tablet and employees can access the system with a simple click on the icon. With a web-based POS, retailers have nothing to worry about, as their data is safe and secure. Web-based POS systems are also faster than traditional POS systems as they are operated through fast internet connections. As the system is online, data is also current as information is updated continuously. This means users that are multiple locations will get the latest information about sales, inventory, product orders, etc.

Customer Support – One of the major benefits of a web-based POS and cloud storage system is the continuous customer support. As the company stores data online, they usually have a tech department and a customer service section that works 24/7. The system is updated continuously to protect data and you can access the customer service section at any time to deal with problems.

Easy To Use – Vendors like Shopify already offer this kind of web-stored POS systems and they are very easy-to-use. As the system is online, staff can be trained on the software in less than two hours and customer support is always available for expert help.

Cloud-based POS systems are great as they store customer data, product information, and store information on a secure server that is completely online says BetaNews. As the company stores the data on its own secure server, there is very little chance of hackers and scammers getting in to the system to steal your valuable information. The company updates its own security systems and firewalls almost every minute and responds proactively to defend its information storage system points out SmokingDesigners. As a result, retailers are happy, customers are happy, and the information is safe. That alone makes cloud-based or web-based POS systems valuable to storeowners.