Call of Duty Modern Warfare: the Beta testing phase officially begins

Activision and Infinity Ward celebrate the start of the Beta testing phase of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a splendid video and images dedicated to the multiplayer component of their highly anticipated first person shooter. Thanks to this beta phase, for the entire weekend Infinity Ward will collect valuable feedback and information on the game ahead of the worldwide release on October 25th.

After the recent Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Open Alpha, one of the largest Alpha in the history of Call of Duty for PlayStation 4, the Modern Warfare beta will offer a more in-depth view of the Modern Warfare multiplayer universe, including the experience of Fast-paced action with close-up 2v2 battles in Gunfight, the traditional 6v6 multiplayer and experiences that support a high number of players in maps with a wide range of vehicles.

The beta will be expanded during the second weekend where it will include all platforms, and for the first time in the history of Call of Duty, it will offer crossplay, with the possibility for console and PC players to access Modern Warfare Beta before its release next month.

Awarded as “Best online multiplayer” by the E3 Game Critics of E3 2019, the Modern Warfare multiplayer offers an exciting and revolutionary online experience with the best gameplay in the category, along with a deep and diversified game strategy. The beta test will offer a variety of new multiplayer modes that redefine the Call of Duty playing field, from fast-paced close 2v2 battles in Gunfight to Ground War mode, an epic large-scale mode that supports up to 64 players, maps for the night vision and surprising realism.

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