Just Mobile Gum + + | More energy for your smartphone

A myriad of electronic loads which with their large, colorful display consume so much energy that often you cannot even get through the day.

Upload ready at the right time

More and more fashion accumulators and external batteries become useful to reload the faithful companion of work or life in the middle of the day if needed but you do not have at hand a power outlet. We saw a few weeks ago the battery case made ​​by Mophie which is perhaps the most famous but there are many other brands, but there are also a lot of external batteries of different capacities that can provide the charge at the right time. Maybe it’s a little pesantine and not really comfortable to carry around but very helpful when needed.

Just Mobile Gum

Just Mobile Gum

Gum + + has 6000 mAh

Among the many proposals on the market is the new Gum + + Just Mobile made ​​by the German company that is in addition to its previous Gum batteries series. Made of ABS, it has a capacity of 6000 mAh and is equipped with 5 LEDs that indicate the status of the user charge remaining. Its dimensions are 78 x 58 x 24 mm while the weight is 131 grams.

Just Mobile Gum + +

Just Mobile Gum + +

A single USB output

Charge the battery is a type of micro USB cable while it is limiting with the choice of having the battery only have one output USB. At least 2 would have been useful. Gum + + goes perfectly with Apple products but can be used with any device with a USB cable for charging. It is available in gray, black and white and has a price of around 85 Euros.

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