Apple’s new MacBook releases at WWDC 2013

Hardware to a minimum is what the latest rumors say, so no iPhone, no iPad, iWatch nothing but something seems to be there.

All new MacBook

We talk about the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina for which stocks are running low which usually is prodromal to the launch of the new line. If the new Intel Haswell are now sure of aluminum inside with the apple, the other most striking new cover design that you want will be even thinner than the current one. Retina display also coming on the Air and thanks to the power of the new Haswell processors with dedicated graphics processor and display products with technology from Sharp IGZO.

New MacBook

New MacBook

The whole truth at WWDC 2013

The time is not yet ripe to bring all the screens to the Retina resolution, mainly for economic reasons since the prices will clearly increase and the market still has much need for affordable prices to attack. That’s why we can perhaps expect the arrival of new Air without Retina enabled right away with thew new MacBook even with an optical reader. But it is very much in demand that Apple tries to take them away from all the models in the near future and farther in time. Also the new Retina may be even thinner than current models.

WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013

The certainties: iOS 7 and OS X 10.9

Speed bump then rather than radical changes to the hardware are supported by a change to the software that of course will lead to the arrival of OS X 10.9 and an iOS 7 more integrated to the operating system of the computer with the apple. There’re great expectations for the Mac Pro, now that it’s out on the European market and is exhausted in one out of the old continents. Is the time right for the new ones?

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