Apple Arcade: prices, and all games included in the subscription

Among the many new features launched during the Special Event on March 25, Tim Cook presented Apple Arcade, the first subscription to the App Store games.


Almost two months after launch, Apple Arcade earns 10 new titles.

Added October 14:
Decoherence (Efecto Studios): Strategy game that consists of building robots to win the war
INMOST (Chucklefish): An atmospheric puzzle platformer, with a beautiful interconnected story that allows you to play up to 3 different players linked by the same destiny.
Mind Symphony (Rogue Games): A classic fast-paced shoot-em game; in alternative it proposes a relaxation mode with very pleasant music.
ShockRods (Stainless Games): An arena shooter with machines where you shoot your opponents, achieve goals and steal your opponent’s flag.
Stela (SkyBox Labs): A very cinematic atmosphere platformer lived through the eyes of a boy who lives the last days of a mysterious, ancient civilization.

Fallen Knight (FairPlay Studios): A nice neo-classic side-scrolling action platformer
Hogwash (Bossa Studios): A cute country game set on a farm. Free the other pigs and flee.
Chapter One (Kunabi Brother): Getaway-style escape game with mesmerizing and hypnotic graphics.
Tales of Memo (Tendays Studio): classic puzzler in which you have to defeat the enemy with ingenuity and strategic skills.
Yaga (Versus Evil): Classic role-playing game with a popular legend background story. Discover worlds and enemies to break down along the way.

All these titles are present on the iPhone and iPad App Store; some of them (like “Hogwash,” “Tales of Memo” and “Yaga”) arrived simultaneously on Apple Arcade for Mac. Others instead (“ChuChu Rocket! Universe” and “LEGO Brawls”) were added only now after being landed first in the iOS version.