iPadOS, all the best features in less than 60 seconds

Between real multi-tasking, support for external memories and super-powers screenshots, now iPadOS looks more and more like a real computer. We prove it with a video-pill.

With iPadOS, Apple has raised the tablet user experience to new heights. At stake are a great deal of small and large improvements which, added together, make iPad a hybrid device between the mobile and PC worlds.

App Switcher: Switching from one app to another becomes even more immediate and intuitive. Just swipe your finger between the tabs that appear on the right.

Swipe keyboard: Just swipe your finger over the letters of a word because the keyboard guesses for itself what we meant.

Screenshot: When you take a screenshot of a Web page, the system now asks if we want to create a PDF of the entire page. Obviously, on this file you can then take notes with Apple Pencil or with your finger, and make small corrections on the fly.

External Memory: Finally, you can connect pens and external USB memories.

Video editing: The photo editing tools have been brought, with the necessary adjustments, into the video world. Now you don’t need to open iMovie for small changes.

And since an image is more than a thousand words, we leave you with the official video that shows each of these features live. Good vision.