A Look into Apple’s Best Apps of 2014

As the year ends, you’ll normally see lots of listicles floating in the internet that recaps the best of the year as well as the worst of the year. For its part, Apple has released the best apps for the year. Here’s a look at some of them:


The brain-training app topped the list as Apple’s best app for iPhone devices this year. By all means, Elevate isn’t the only brain-training app on the market – there’s Lumosity, BrainHQ and Fit Brains.


According to Jesse Pickard, when he launched his app in May, he wanted an app that would make users smarter and live a happier and more fruitful life. Basically, the goal of the app was to focus on particular struggles of the user in order to get them to a better place.

Since its launch, the app has been downloaded five million times and although it’s been in the market for less than that of rivals Lumosity, Peak-Brain Training and others, it was named the best app by Apple.

What made it stand out its design – and we all know how Apple truly focuses on the design aspect of things. Elevates progress tracker, interactivity and smart daily motivation reminders helped it top all the other apps for this year.

Yahoo News Digest

It comes as a relief that Apple would name some news apps into their best list. It’s nice to know that in an age where digital games seem to be prospering, there is still value for those who want to read the news.

Described as an app that allows users to “get in the know in no time,” Yahoo News Digest shows users 10 or so news stories from Yahoo’s network. And the app does this twice a day – once in the morning and another in the evening.



With the constant need for delightful and bite-sized content these days, it’s no wonder why the BuzzFeed app is on Apple’s list. Those who always want to be in the know on the latest viral videos, images and links will appreciate this app.

Other apps that made the best of list include:

  • Hyperlapse (Instagram’s videography app)

  • Leo’s Fortune

  • Storehouse

  • SwiftKey

  • 1Password

  • Camera+

  • Toca Lab

  • NYT Now

  • 120 Sports

  • Camu

  • Spring

  • Peek

  • Yummly

  • Waterlogue

  • Human

  • Steller

  • TeleStory

  • Litely

  • Uber

  • Star Walk 2

  • Cinamatic

  • Health Mate

  • Paper

How about you? Do you have a favorite app that you want included in the list? Tell us in the comments below.