5 Things Android Phones Can Do that iPhones Can’t

For several years now, the iPhone has been believed to have revolutionized the smartphone industry. But Google has done the same, even more, with their open-platform operating system for mobile gadgets, which by the way paved the way for more advanced and useful apps and features on your phones and tablets. This is why there are millions and millions of people who prefer Android.

Here are some proof that Google-powered smartphones are ahead of the competition:


– Using your phone for hours on end can drain its battery quickly, which is the biggest complaint iPhone users have of their gadgets. But with Android, there is a power saving mode that adjusts your phone’s settings to save battery life.



– With this feature, people can now download large files faster. Samsung has been the only phone to have harnessed the power of this technology and has made it available in their Galaxy series. All you need is to have a strong data plan, as it combines Wi-Fi with your data service.


– Apple’s new Lightning connector only works with the latest iPhone and iPad units. But Android phones, even the older ones, only need a micro-USB cord to be able to charge their phones.



– In a lot of countries, mobile users have two SIMs for personal and business transactions. Travelers also prefer to use dual-SIM phones to be able to communicate overseas. Apple doesn’t have this feature, but most Android handsets have. What’s more, the Android 5.1 allows users to use a new dialer app to switch between SIMs and even change the interface’s color scheme to help the user tell which card he or she is using.


– One of the capabilities that Apple fans have been wishing for a split-screen multitasking function, which can be found in Samsung Galaxy and LG phones ad tablets. This feature lets you run different programs on two separate windows.

There are still lots of advanced features that can only be found in Android models. So, you might want to consider these when choosing between an iPhone and an Android.

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